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Greek Font Package
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Font Category: Both Greek and English

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The GreekHouse of Fonts package is the ultimate in the Greek font collection. There is no larger collegiate Greek font collection on the internet anywhere. It contains 35 Greek and English font sets from the GreekHouse of Fonts collection. If you have anything to do with creating products or design for Greek, Panhellenic, Fraternities, Sororities, Collegiate or anything close to this list, then one of these font packages is for you. Choose the Pro version and get bonus fonts not yet sold anywhere else on GreekHouse of Fonts worth $250+ and save $100.

GreekHouse of Fonts Pro Font Package $137 (35 fonts)

GreekHouse Pro Font Package

Here are all the links to the fonts you’ll get when you own this GreekHouse exclusive font package:

Greek Collegiate Basic, Greek Collegiate Outline, Greek Applique Basic, Greek Applique Outlined, Greek Olde English, Wicked Olde English, Greek Skript, English Skript, Greek Kurlz, Greek Junior High, Basic Greek, Greek Krakt, Greek Symbolized, Greek 70’s Style, Greek FatHouse, Greek Freight Tag, Greek Scribbled, Greek Ancient, Greek Studz, Greek Heavy, & Greek Stitched + many more not yet listed.

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